Burkina Faso + 2 more

WFP Central Sahel Situation Report (27 August 2021)


In Numbers

14.4 million people in need of humanitarian assistance in Burkina Faso (3.5 m), Mali (5.9 m) and Niger (3.8 m) Source: 2021 Global Humanitarian Overview

6.5 million people estimated to be food insecure during the 2021 lean season (June-August) in Burkina Faso (2.87 m), Mali (1.31 m) and Niger (2.3 m) Source: Cadre Harmonisé, March 2021

7 million people targeted in 2021 by WFP in Burkina Faso (2.6 m), Mali (1.4 m) and Niger (3 m) Source: WFP Country Strategic Plans

319,069 refugees in Burkina Faso (22,419), Mali (46,830) and Niger (249,820) Source: UNHCR

2 million internally displaced persons in Burkina Faso (1.4 m), Mali (287,490) and Niger (291,061) Source: UNHCR


• Agricultural lean season response: In Burkina Faso, WFP is targeting 1.3 million people vulnerable to food insecurity during the lean season out of the 2.3 million targeted by the Government and other actors. In Mali, to respond to the socioeconomic effects of COVID-19, WFP started a safety net intervention targeting 182,000 vulnerable and food insecure people. In total, 600,000 people out of the 1.3 million affected by the 2021 lean season will receive food assistance through evouchers. In Niger, WFP increased its target beneficiaries for crisis response activities from 605,000 to over 689,000 beneficiaries.

• Flooding: In Burkina Faso, access becomes difficult as the rainy season is running. Some areas are affected by natural access constraints like flooded roads or broken bridges, in addition to insecurity. In Niger, over 580,000 persons are expected to be affected by flooding; WFP is coordinating with the Government and is modelling an implementation plan to target more than 200,000 affected persons.