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WFP Central Sahel Situation Report (20 January 2020)


In Numbers

  • 8.3 million people in need of humanitarian assistance in Burkina Faso (1.5 m), Mali (3.9 m), and Niger (2.9 m) (OCHA 2019 and 2020 Humanitarian Needs Overview)

  • 4.8 million people targeted in 2020 by WFP under the Country Strategic Plans in Burkina Faso (1.2 m), Mali (1.0 m), and Niger (2.6 m) until end December 2020. This figure is likely to increase shortly, as budget revisions are ongoing in the three countries

  • 949,800 people internally displaced (IDPs) in Burkina Faso (560,000), Mali (201,400), and Niger (188,400)

  • 271,300 refugees in Burkina Faso (26,000), Mali (27,000), and Niger (218,300)

  • 1.4 million people (79 percent of the prioritized plan) assisted by WFP and partners in December 2019 across the three countries as part of the Country Strategic Plans in Burkina Faso (404,977), Mali (435,300) and Niger (570,959)


  • The latest food and nutrition security analysis (November 2019 Cadre Harmonise) highlights that for the upcoming lean season (June-August 2020), 4.8 million people in the Central Sahel- Burkina Faso (1.8 m), Mali (1.1 m) and Niger (1.9 m)- are projected to be food insecure (IPC 3 to 5), showing a worsened situation compared to the same period in 2019, where 2.4 million people were estimated to be food insecure.

  • Since September 2019, through the activation of its highest corporate emergency response in Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger, WFP is responding to the food and nutrition needs of highly vulnerable population while providing resilience support where possible. WFP scaled up assistance from reaching 0.9 million in September to 1.4 million by end of December.

  • WFP urgently requires USD 125 million from January to June 2020 to carry out its planned operations.