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WFP Central Sahel Situation Report (15 May 2020)

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• As of 13 May 2020, WHO reported 2,350 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in) Niger (854) Burkina Faso (766) and Mali (730). So far 138 people in the three Central Sahel countries lost their lives due to the pandemic.

• Insecurity, combined with governments restriction measures to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger have increased access-related challenges while the food security situation of the most vulnerable populations is worsening.
The price of basic necessities continues to rise and the transport of foodstuffs to replenish the pre-positioned deficit stocks incountries becomes more difficult.

• In response to the COVID pandemic, the Government of Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger are taken a series of social measures to provide critical assistance to the most vulnerable households and protect local markets from price inflation. In support to the Central Sahel governments efforts and to alleviate the suffering of those in need, WFP continues to prioritise crisis response activities in all the three countries

• WFP urgently requires USD 172 million from May to October 2020 to carry out its planned lifesaving operations in the Central Sahel.

In Numbers

  • 9.7 million people in need of humanitarian assistance in Burkina Faso (2.2 m), Mali (4.3 m), and Niger (3.2 m) (OCHA 2020 Global Humanitarian Needs Overview)

  • 5 million people targeted in 2020 by WFP under the Country Strategic Plans in Burkina Faso (1.2 m), Mali (1.3 m), and Niger (2.5 m) until end December 2020

  • 1.3 million people internally displaced (IDPs) in Burkina Faso (848,500), Mali (218,500), and Niger (226,700) 273,100 refugees in Burkina Faso (21,400), Mali (28,700), and Niger (223,000)

  • 1 million people assisted by WFP and partners in March 2020 across Burkina Faso (653,635)and Mali (360,687) as part of the Country Strategic Plans. Niger planned to reach 986,670 vulnerable people in March. The Niger’s reached figures for March are not yet available.