Burkina Faso

WFP Burkina Faso Emergency Response Situation Report #10 (27 March 2020)

Situation Report
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In Numbers

2.2 million people affected (OCHA Humanitarian Response Plan)

1.6 million people in need of food assistance (Cadre Harmonisé – March 2020)

2.15 million people projected to be in need during the 2020 lean season (June- August) (Cadre Harmonisé – March 2020)

779,741 internally displaced persons (CONASUR – 27 February 2020)


• In February, WFP provided assistance to over 411,000 IDPs and host-communities. As part of its overall portfolio, some 537,000 vulnerable individuals were assisted.

• WFP is adjusting its operational procedures to ensure staff, partners and beneficiary safety in the new COVID-19 context.

• A UNHAS assessment has taken place from 3 – 18 March. Consultations have taken place with the Government and relevant counterparts (partners and different actors) at local level. A helicopter has been recommended as the most-feasible service to ensure transport with a focus on the regions of Sahel, Nord and Centre-Nord.

Situation Update

• The overall security situation in the country remains volatile and unpredictable. No major improvement in the situation is expected in the coming months. The armed forces, vigilante groups and volunteers were the main targets in different regions of the country. As of 27 February, 779,741 people have been officially displaced. Health services, schools and markets have been closed due to growing insecurity in several parts of the country, seriously affecting the population’s ability to sustain healthy lives. Over 135 health centers have been closed and 140 are operating with reduced services, affecting over 1.6 million people. No less than 2,527 schools have been forced shut, depriving over 338,000 children of education.

• Results of the March Cadre Harmonisé confirm the forecasted negative deterioration of the food security situation across the country. For the period from March to May, some 1.6 million persons are currently in food insecurity (IPC phase 3-5). For the 2020 agricultural lean season (June-August 2020) over 2.15 million persons are projected to be in food insecurity crisis (IPC 3-5) and in need of food assistance.

• Regionally, WFP has set up a humanitarian access working group with the other Central Sahel Emergency countries (Mali and Niger) to better coordinate activities and methodologies. Common criteria for determining the severity of the access constraints are being identified.

• In addition to the security and the already fragile food and nutritional security situation in the country, the spreading of COVID-19 has added an additional vulnerability element within the country. As of 27 March 2020, 152 COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in Burkina Faso, with 07 deaths. Restrictions measures put in place by the Government to mitigate the propagation of the virus have had a direct impact on WFP operations. Further details here below.