Weather Hazards Impacts Assessment for Africa: July 26 - August 1, 2007

from Famine Early Warning System Network
Published on 25 Jul 2007
- Dryness throughout much of western Burkina Faso is leading to poor agricultural conditions and low water levels in Lake Volta, though recent rainfall has increased moisture throughout much of the region.

- Flooding has been reported in parts of eastern Sudan due to localized heavy rainfall during the past two weeks. Rains may be locally heavy during the next week.

1) Severe drought remains over eastern Kenya as a result of the failure of the March - May wet season. Precipitation normally returns to the area in October.

2) Dryness remains in and around western Burkina Faso, though recent heavy rains have increased moisture. Lake Volta water levels continue to be very low and thus power generation problems continue. Seasonal rainfall deficits continue in much of the region.

3) Dryness continues in and around the Afar region of north central Ethiopia and adjacent Eritrea. Rains have increased to the west during the past three weeks, bringing relief to much of the area. Thus, the hazard region will likely be removed next week.

4) Crop pests have been reported near Lake Victoria. This is due, in part, to the excessive rainfall during the past season.

5) Northwest Darfur and nearby areas of Chad have experienced slightly below normal rainfall thus far in 2007. Rains have greatly increased during the past three weeks, as moisture supplies improve throughout the region.

6) Dryness is impacting portions of western Mali and eastern Guinea, though implications are not as severe as those stated in hazard region #2.

7) Localized heavy rain has caused flooding throughout parts of eastern Sudan during the past week. Rains may be again locally intense during the next period.

8) Pockets of dryness are observed along the Niger / Nigeria border region southeast of Zinder. While much of the area is experiencing near normal seasonal rainfall, conditions are deteriorating in the highlited locations.