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Update No. 10: Côte d’Ivoire Situation

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• Following the arrest of Laurent Gbagbo on 11 April, reconciliation in Cote d’Ivoire is high on the agenda for the new regime, the President of the Front Populaire Ivoirien (FPI), Pascal Affi N’Guessan and the United Nations Security Council.

• The new President Alassane Ouattara requested all civil servants to return to duty on 18 April. The Chancellor Youssouf Kone, the President of the Supreme Court, Tia Kone and of the Economic and Social Council Laurent Dona Fologo have pledged allegiance to the new regime. Prime Minister, Ake Ngbo, announced his resignation on 16 April.

• The Minister of Justice, Jeannot Ahoussou Kouadio, is requesting an investigation into the actions of members of the former regime as well as others including journalists working for Radio Television Ivoirienne (RTI).

• Fighting between the FRCI continues on two fronts. In the districts of Abobo and Anyama against Ibrahima Coulibaly’s “invisible commandos” and in Yopougon against Gbagbo’s residual militia. The aftermath of violence and devastation is visible in Duekoue. IDPs in the Catholic Mission fear reprisals and the presence of militia. With the continued volatility in the country, discussions on repatriation of Ivorian refugees are put on hold.

• Laurent Gbagbo has been placed under house arrest in the north of the country while his wife remains at the Golf Hotel. Subsequent to the arrest of 130 people in an around the Gbagbo residence on 11 April, 70 individuals have been set free with 50 remaining in government custody. A key military figure of the Gbagbo camp, General Bruno Dogbo Blé, was arrested on Friday and led to the Golf Hotel where he remains.