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UNICEF Burkina Faso Mid-Year Humanitarian Situation Report, 22 July 2013

Situation Report
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 Out of 200,000 pregnant and lactating women targeted in UNICEF’s Humanitarian Action for Children (HAC 2013), 171,803 women or 86% of the target received information and counseling on IYCF in first 6 months of the year.

 61.35 percent of targeted Malian refugee children under 5 received measles vaccination in first 6 months.

 104 unaccompanied/separated children (71 in Goudebou and 33 in Mentao) have been reported. Those in Mentao are benefiting from follow up visits while those of Goudebou need to be located due to the “addressing” exercise that has just been initiated by UNHCR.

 2,294 children, including 910 girls will benefit from the catch-up classes beginning on 29 July until September. A bridging programme (accelerated school curriculum programme) and vocational training will be offered in the camps as alternatives to formal education from September onwards