Burkina Faso

UNICEF Burkina Faso Humanitarian Situation Report No. 2: 1 March to 30 April 2021



• Burkina Faso registered 63 security incidents which resulted in 34 civilian casualties, including one child.

• As of 31 March 2021, the number of internally displaced persons (IDP) reached 1,147,699 ( CONASUR) out of which over 61 per cent are children

• 323 students forced to flee their school, following attacks by armed groups in the Boucle de Mouhoun region.

• Continued attacks in Serou, Kassoum et Boussom forced teachers to close schools and flee to Tougan for safety.

• As of 23 April, 2021, 2,215 schools remained closed, affecting 301,638 students (146,616 girls) and 10,971 teachers (3,793 women)

• UNICEF supported the government’s preparations for the introduction and roll out of the vaccine against COVID-19. As such, the national plan of vaccine deployment was finalized, and the costing is in progress. The country already received 252,500 syringes via the COVAX mechanism. A national plan of communication for the introduction of COVID-19 vaccines has been finalized.

Situation in Numbers

2,080,000 children in need of humanitarian assistance

3,533,000 people in need (OCHA Dec 2020)

1,147,699 Internally displaced persons (IDPs) registered 685,767 children (61%) (CONASUR)

2,215 schools closed due to insecurity affecting 301,638 children (MENAPLN)

UNICEF Appeal 2021
US$ 157 million