Burkina Faso UNICEF monthly humanitarian situation report, 26 March 2013

from UN Children's Fund
Published on 26 Mar 2013


  • To date, some 48,731 Malian refugees are recorded in Burkina Faso, 56% of them are children between 0-17 years.
  • The total estimated annual caseload of children under 5 suffering from severe acute malnutrition is 120,000 children in 2013. The number of new admissions in January and February 2013 was 6,291.
  • From January to March 2013, 308 cases of measles and 0 deaths were reported in Dori, Gorom Gorom, Sebba and Djibo districts in the Sahel region.
  • 1,317 cases of meningitis were reported in all the 63 districts in the country since the beginning of the year up to week 11 with 169 deaths. The lethality rate is still high at 12.83%. However, this number of cases is the lowest in comparison to the past 5 years and only two districts out of 63 were in alert in week 11, with no district having reached the epidemic threshold.
  • A Letter of Understanding (LOU) between UNICEF and UNHCR was signed early March 2013.