Burkina Faso - Forced Displacement (DG ECHO, UN)(ECHO Daily Flash of 11 July 2019)

Recurring violent attacks and increased insecurity continue to provoke forced displacement and humanitarian needs in several regions of Burkina Faso. Latest figures reveal that over 219,000 people are now internally displaced, of which 172,000 people became internally displaced in 2019 alone.

Humanitarian needs have dramatically increased. Most IDPs are now residing with host communities or in one of the four official camps established by the national authorities. Access to adequate shelter, sufficient water, food assistance and protection remains a concern. In addition, the lean season (June-September) is expected to affect the food security of 638,531 people.

DG ECHO and its humanitarian partners (UN, international and national NGOs) are supporting the implementation of the government’s national response strategy to bring vital assistance, according to the humanitarian principles (humanity, neutrality, impartiality, independence). Mobilisation of additional financial resources is urgently required to reinforce the humanitarian response.

High Representative Mogherini expressed her deep concerns on the degradation of the humanitarian situation during her recent visit to the country on 9 July 2019.