Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso Food Security Update, November 2009

Situation Report
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- The projected grain balance sheet for 2009/2010 shows a gross surplus of roughly 309,689 metric tons, netting out to 566,636 MT. This estimate of gross national production will be adjusted downward by approximately five percent for crop losses in livestock-raising/millet-producing areas, transhumant pastoral/millet-producing areas, and northern sedentary livestock-raising/sorghum, millet, and cotton-producing areas affected by the September droughts or by the shortened rainy season. Poor households in these areas will require assistance in maintaining regular access to food in local markets until next July or August.

- Widespread harvesting activities are improving household grain availability. As a result, in general, grain prices are down from the previous reporting period. Terms of trade trends are in favor of pastoralists, with prices for livestock on the rise given the high demand during the December holidays. Thus, on the whole, the food security situation is good.