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Burkina Faso: Acute Malnutrition Analysis October 2020 - July 2021, Issued January 2021

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In this IPC Acute Malnutrition analysis, the 45 provinces of the thirteen regions of Burkina Faso were analysed. In total, the estimate shows that 631,787 children aged between 6 and 59 months and 128,672 pregnant and lactating women will suffer from acute malnutrition during 2021 in Burkina Faso, based on the results of the national nutrition survey (SMART) carried out between October and November 2020. For the current situation from October 2020 to January 2021, five provinces are in a Critical situation (IPC Phase 4), nine provinces in a Serious situation (IPC Phase 3), 29 provinces in an Alert situation (IPC Phase 2) and two provinces in an Acceptable situation (IPC Phase 1). For the first projection from February to April 2021, the nutritional situation will likely remain stable or improve for most provinces. Thus, 36 provinces will likely remain stable compared to the current situation, five provinces will likely see their situation improve (three provinces moved from Serious to Alert, one province from Critical to Serious and one province from Alert to Acceptable) and the two provinces in Acceptable will likely move to Alert. For the second projection period from May to July 2021, there will likely be a deterioration in the nutritional situation in several provinces. Thus, 13 provinces will likely move from Alert (IPC Phase 2) to Serious (IPC Phase 3); one province will likely move from Acceptable (IPC Phase 1) to Alert (IPC Phase 2); and 31 provinces will likely remain in the same phase: 20 provinces in Alert (IPC Phase 2), seven provinces in Serious (IPC Phase 3) and four provinces in Critical (IPC Phase 4).

For the current situation, out of the 45 provinces analysed, 29 (Balés, Mouhoun, Nayala, Leraba, Koulpelgo, Sanmatenga, Sanguié, Sissili, Bazèga, Nahouri, Zoundwéogo, Gnagna, Kompienga, Komandjoari, Tapoa, Gourma, Houet, Kénédougou, Tuy, Passoré, Yatenga, Zondoma, Ganzourgou, Kourwéogo, Oubritenga, Bougouriba, Ioba, Noumbiel, Poni) are classified in the Alert phase (IPC Phase 2), two provinces (Comoé and Boulgou) are classified in the Acceptable phase (IPC Phase 1), nine provinces (Banwa, Kosssi, Sourou, Kouritenga, Bam, Namantenga, Boulkiemdé, Ziro, Kadiogo) are classified in the Serious phase (IPC Phase 3) and five provinces (Lorum, Oudalan, Séno, Soum and Yagha) are classified in the Critical phase (IPC Phase 4). The situation will likely improve between February and April 2021 before experiencing a second significant deterioration from May 2021.