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ACAPS Briefing Note: Central Sahel: Humanitarian access and civil-military coordination (28 January 2021)

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Irregular and intercommunal conflict and sudden-onset disasters have increased humanitarian needs across the tri-border region between Mali, Niger, and Burkina Faso. Humanitarian operating spaces have also been restricted, driven by this same insecurity, government-enforced operating restrictions, poor infrastructure, and other access constraints.
Humanitarian stakeholders have been engaging with national and international military forces to ensure access to people in need in conflict areas, in line with humanitarian principles of independence and neutrality. This is being done through formal and informal mechanisms.
In Mali and Niger, formal UN-facilitated Humanitarian Civil-Military Coordination (CMCoord) cells operate with regular activities and communication between humanitarian and military representatives (national and international actors). In Burkina Faso, CMCoord is currently a less-structured procedure, although some communication exists.
CMCoord is a dynamic process, requiring regular negotiation among interested parties and clear communication of negotiation outcomes to all stakeholders. CMCoord challenges include ensuring clear and trustful communication and adherence to negotiation outcomes.