State of emergency as floods again devastate Bulgaria

Sofia (dpa) - A state of emergency remained in force Monday in the areas hit by new floods in Bulgaria over the weekend, as authorities organized urgent supplies of drinking water and basic food.

Many places in the two regions and 22 municipalities around Sofia and in central, northwestern and southern Bulgaria were left without power and had to have water and bread delivered to them amid road and railway linkes submerged by the swollen rivers.

Authorities warned people that tap water might be infected owing to the flood.

The Bulgarian Red Cross appealed for donations in money and emergency items, while USAID already disbursed 25,000 litres of mineral water and 5,000 meals in the Sofia area.

According to preliminary estimates, the third wave of floods to hit Bulgaria has caused 255 million euros (315 million dollars) in damage.

Six people were confirmed dead on Sunday. The latest flooding comes atop the events in July, when storms, torrential rain and floods also claimed several lives, caused 247 million dollars in damages and affected more than a quarter of Bulgaria's 7.8 million people. dpa el bb ds


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