The EU allocates eur 12,3 mln to Bulgaria for the recovery from last year's floods

The country will receive another EUR 10 mln under the PHARE Programme for 2005

Bulgaria will receive EUR 12,3 mln for the recovery from the floods in 2005 under the EU's PHARE Programme. The funds will be channeled into the implementation of projects in 187 municipalities, affected by the torrential rains. Part of the funding will strengthen the capacity of the Ministry of Disaster Management Policy and the Civil Protection State Agency and will improve their ability to prevent and manage crises and natural disasters.

Bulgaria participates in the projects through co-funding amounting to EUR 3,350 mln.

Bulgaria will receive an extra grant of EUR 10,797 mln under the financing agreement with PHARE for 2005, approved at the government's session. The funds will finance priority projects, negotiated with the European Commission. They are related to industrial areas and cluster development; strengthening the administrative capacity of the police and enabling the application of the Law on Protection of Classified Information in the public administration; strengthening the capacity of the Committee on Protection of Personal Information; implementation of the recommendations of Directive 2003/54/EC in the field of energy, establishing a Geographical Information System.

Through the implementation of the projects, the country will meet the recommendations of the European Commission of 2005.

Bulgaria's co-funding of the projects amounts to EUR 1,859 mln.