Deputy prime minister received Donation from Russia's Ambassador for the flood-hit regions in Bulgaria

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Disaster Management Policy Emel Etem received donation from the ambassador of the Russian Federation in Bulgaria, Anatolii Potapov, for the victims of the flood-hit regions in the country. The relief consists of tents, blankets, motor pumps and disinfection substances, of a total value of 18 million rubles.

We are concerned about the scale of the disaster that hit Bulgaria, because in such a situation no government can cope with it on its own, said Ambassador Potapov. He gave to Minister Etem a congratulatory letter from Russian Minister of Civil Defence, Emergencies and Liquidation of Natural Disasters Sergey Shoigu, who appreciates the appointment of Mrs Etem and believes that it will give impetus to Bulgarian-Russian cooperation in that direction.

Deputy Prime Minister Emel Etem, for her part, thanked the government of the Russian Federation for the relief, pointing out that the donation will help a number of families from the flood-hit regions in the country. The Russian Federation is an important partner for our country and the Ministry of Disaster Management Policy has the political will to continue and strengthen the relations between the two institutions responsible for the protection of the population in case of disasters, said the Deputy Prime Minister.

The donation of the Russian Federation was accompanied by a team of experts from the Russian Ministry of Civil Defence, Emergencies and Liquidation of Natural Disasters, who will share their experience with their Bulgarian counterparts not only in the rescue of victims, but in the prevention of crisis situations.