Bulgaria: The institutions join forces to recover from flood damages

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There is good coordination between institutions to make the country recover from the damages in the flood-stricken regions, said Prime Minister Simeon Saxe-Coburg from the parliament's floor. He answered to MPs' questions as to the measures taken by state institutions in handling the disaster crisis.

As of now damages are estimated at about BGN 150 M, of which more than BGN 50 M is related to railway infrastructure, announced the Prime Minister.

The Standing Committee for protection of the population in case of natural disasters and accidents received BGN 13 M in addition to the annual budget. The Prime Minister said that the cabinet sought financial assistance from the EU Solidarity Fund.

In this case the coordination between institutions and organizations is of paramount significance, the Prime Minister pointed out, reminding that the Standing Committee at the Council of Ministers works 24 hours a day.

The Prime Minster added that the government's team, headed by Minister Husmenova, worked directly with the people in the damage-stricken regions, regardless of the election campaign. For us, it was a matter of responsibility and concern, not populist activities, Simeon Saxe-Coburg pointed out.

The Prime Minister informed the MPs of the outcome from the emergency session of the Standing Committee. 203 sites, hit by the floods, will be funded. The funding totals BGN 4 300 000. Another BGN 1 200 000 will be allocated for the renovation of dwellings and over BGN 1 M for the construction of new houses.

The Prime Minister thanked the population and all the institutions that were dedicated to solving the problem. He also pointed out that the Bulgarian Red Cross, along with its Spanish and US partners allocated financial assistance of over BGN 2 M. Institutions from Austria, Malta, the Czech Republic, Sweden lent us help. Bulgarian companies also took part in charity actions, the Prime Minister pointed out.