Bulgaria: Emergency state still in 22 municipalities

According to Civil Protection Agency, two districts - Sofia and Vratsa and 22 municipalities in the country are still in a state of emergency.

The US Agency for International Development, through the NGO, CARE International - Bulgaria, allocated 25 000 liters of mineral water in 5-liter bottles and 5000 packages of food. The aid will be given to Civil Protection State Agency for the heavily struck municipalities - Elin Pelin, Ihtiman, Gorna Malina, Dolna Malina, Svetovrachane and Novi Iskar.

In Sofia District, Civil Protection's rescue teams are still working in the most seriously hit regions. A team of divers has rescued 7 people from flooded buildings. An ambulance transported to Sofia a woman needing hemodialysis.

Civil Protection's rescue teams still work in the flooded districts of Sofia. 2 teams of divers are taking part in the rescue operations.

Ihtiman municipality, in Sofia District, has asked the Civil Protection Agency to allocate 10 tents and 10 vans to give shelter to the people affected by the floods.