Aid Provided to Refugees in Bulgaria by the BRC

from Bulgarian Red Cross
Published on 31 Oct 2013 View Original

By 31.10.2013 the funds received in the Bulgarian Red Cross bank account for refugee support are 71 032,99 BGN. The Bulgarian Red Cross has provided the following humanitarian aid to the refugees:

Food products: 10 000 l mineral water, distributed to all refugee accommodation centres in the country by the Coca Cola Hellenic Bottling Company; Food packages, bought by the BRC fundraising campaign and transferred to the State Agency for Refugees – 3 250 packs; Food packages with products from „From me to You“ campaign – 58 family and 52 individual packs; Family and individual food packs, donated by Embassies – 384 packs, for persons in reception centres; Hot soup, bought with money from the BRC fundraising campaign – 2 335. Milk and yogurt, donated by Bulgarian Food Bank – 2 130. Donated by Bulgarian citizens – 82 pack baby milk and 18 children purees.

Hygienic materials: Donated by Bulgarian citizens: 5 413 packs with diapers, 3775 packs sanitary napkins, 645 soaps, 760 pcs. toilet paper, 133 pcs. shampoo. Taken from stocks in the BRC: 60 buckets, 100 washing soaps, 38 washing detergent, 60 mops, brooms and dust shovels, 1200 trash bags.

Bedding: Taken from stocks in the BRC, distributed to to the State Agency for Refugees and Ministry of Interior : 260 beds, 300 blankets, 600 pillows, 600 sheets, 300 pillowcases, 40 bedding sets; Taken from stocks in the BRC: 780 blankets, 195 pillows, 180 children’s bedding sets, Donated by Bulgarian citizens: 230 blankets, 20 bedding sets.

Clothing – over 300 bags, donated by Bulgarian citizens, 200 pairs of men’s socks;

Toys – over 300 packs and 7 baby-carriages;

Kitchen sets - donated by producer single-use kitchen sets: 3 000 pcs. plastic plates, 843 pcs. plastic cups, 6 600 pcs. plastic forks, knifes and spoons.

An ambulance, donated to the hospital in Elhovo for adequate and timely medical care for the refugees and the other population.