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Hurricane Irma Situation Report No. 5, 15 September 2017 – 19:00 EST

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  • Islands that suffered extensive damage to infrastructure continue to have challenges restoring electricity and clean water which is further complicated by logistical challenges.

  • As some people continue to be in shelters more than a week after the passage of Hurricane Irma, there is need to continue access to clean water and improve sanitary conditions at the shelters.

  • In Cuba, two hospitals in Havana were evacuated and latest reports indicate that 516 hospitals and policlinics have been damaged.

  • Repairing damaged health facilities in impacted islands is crucial in managing emergency patients, quick diagnosis and treatment of diseases, and reestablish treatment of non-communicable diseases.

  • In Antigua and Barbuda, a daily syndromic surveillance reporting system is to be implemented at the hospital, five main health centers, and the government shelters.

  • The Sint Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) hospital is partially functioning, although access to water remains a problem.

  • There is need for a surge in human resource capacity to replace the healthcare staffs that have been working round the clock since day one.


32 million
People in the inhabited parts of the Caribbean exposed to high speed wind zones (excess of 60km/h)

2 million
People in the Caribbean living in areas exposed to extreme high-speed wind zones (excess of 120 km/h)

5.8 million
Estimated number of people affected according to UNICEF