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UNICEF LACRO Zika Virus Situation Report #11, 15 February 2017

Situation Report
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• UNICEF has worked with government and non-government partners to ensure pregnant women in high-risk areas receive quality information on how to prevent ZIKV, including avoiding sexual transmission. Using mass communication, 166 million people across Latin America and the Caribbean have been reached with key preventive messages.

• UNICEF in collaboration with partners has started to develop non-medical Care and Support activities in Honduras, Guatemala, Dominican Republic and El Salvador. These activities will be documented, forming the base of a minimum package of care and support model. As an example, UNICEF has started to support 22 families with babies affected by Congenital Zika Syndrome in the Dominican Republic.

• UNICEF has used U-Report to ensure 1,000 U-Reporters across Latin America and the Caribbean have timely and relevant information on ZIKV including symptoms, how to prevent mosquito and sexual transmission, treatment and affected babies.