State of emergency declared in five towns in Amazonas after floods

Bianca Paiva reports from Agência Brasil

Two municipalities by the Juruá river, in the northern state of Amazonas, declared state of emergency due to the floods: Eirunepé and Itamarati. They are now set to receive humanitarian help from the federal and state governments. At least 3,200 families were affected.

“Municipalities in state of emergency now amount to four in that stream bed which is affected by this year's floods and by the heavy rains, common during winter in the Amazon. The river overflowed and affected over 6 thousand families in the four municipalities. The state's Civil Defense has been working alongside the local governments in the distribution of humanitarian help,” explained Colonel Fernando Pires Júnior, the state's Civil Defense executive secretary.

The first municipalities to declare state of emergency were Guajará and Ipixuna. This week, the Civil Defense of Amazonas started the distribution of humanitarian help for the families in need. Food supplies amount to 21 tons for both cities, including staple foods, medical and personal hygiene kits, blankets, hammocks, mosquito nets, and also sodium hypochlorite, for cleaning the water.

Three other municipalities by the Juruá river have declared state of alert and seven municipalities by the Solimões river are on the watch for possible emergencies stemming from the floods. Through its Civil Defense, the government of Amazonas is putting together a plan for the case of a large-scale flood, which should be confirmed on March 31, when Brazil Geological Service (CPRM) is to release its first alert report for the flood.

Translated by Fabrício Ferreira

Edited by: Amanda Cieglinski / José Romildo