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Epidemiological update: Measles (1 March 2021)

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Situation Summary

In 2021, between epidemiological week (EW)1 and EW 6, one country and one territory in the Region of the Americas have reported confirmed cases of measles: Brazil with 54 confirmed cases and French Guiana with 2 confirmed cases. Currently, only Brazil is reporting active outbreaks of measles, this event constitutes a hazard for other countries and territories in the Region of the Americas.

In 2020, a total of 9 countries in the Region of the Americas have reported a total of 8,726 confirmed cases of measles, including 11 deaths: Argentina (61 cases including 1 death), Bolivia (2 cases), Brazil (8,448 cases including 10 deaths), Canada (1 case), Chile (2 cases), Colombia (1 case), Mexico (196 cases), the United States of America (13 cases), and Uruguay (2 cases).

During the period from 2016 to 20201, three of the six international indicators for integrated measles/rubella surveillance were met: 1) the percentage of cases with adequate blood samples 2) the percentage of laboratory results in ≤4 days and 3)the percentage of cases with adequate investigations; however, 3 indicators have not been met: Notification rate of suspected cases per 100,000 population; 2) the percentage of sites reporting weekly and 3) percentage of blood samples received by the laboratory in ≤5 days (Figure 1, Figure 2). Therefore, considering these gaps among the indicators, the low vaccination coverage of the first and second doses of vaccines against measles, mumps and rubella (MMR1 and MMR2) in many countries and territories of the Region of the Americas, the wide circulation of viruses in other Regions, and the opening of the borders, the occurrence of new outbreaks of varying magnitude in the Americas cannot be ruled out.