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COVID-19 Disease South America Regional Response (Reporting Period 5 August - 1 September 2020)

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Regional epidemiological update as of September 1st: In South America, Brazil leads with 3,862,311 cases, followed by Peru, Colombia, and Chile, with 647,166, 607,938, and 411,726 cases respectively. Compared to the previous week, the sharpest increases in cases were noted in Paraguay (29%), Argentina (19%), and Venezuela (16%). In South America, the number of cases is at 6,235,869, compared to 4,031,202 thirty days ago, an increase of 54%. In terms of mortality,
Brazil also leads with 120,828 deaths, followed by Peru, Colombia, and Chile, with 28,788, 19,364, and 11,289 deaths, respectively. In the whole region, the number of deaths is at 201,089, compared to 141,879 thirty days ago, an increase of 42%.

As new COVID-19 cases continue to be reported, mitigation measures and policies imposed by governments and authorities to limit its spread persist. This continues to impact global human mobility and poses various complex challenges for dierent population groups, including migrants. Eorts by governments and authorities to facilitate returns of their nationals stranded abroad are ongoing. Governments in the region continue to provide assistance to migrants, aected by COVID-19 mitigation measures, and have extended deadlines for foreign nationals to leave their territories (automatic extension of stay permits for tourists, migrant workers, etc)