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COVID-19 Disease South America Regional Response (Reporting Period 2 December - 31 December 2020)



Brazil leads with 7,773,746 cases, followed by Colombia, Argentina, and Peru with 1,675,820, 1,640,718, and 1,019,718 cases. In the last week of December, the sharpest increases in cases were in Uruguay (24.5%), Colombia (5.1%), and Bolivia (5%). In South America, the number of cases is at 13,312,267, compared to 11,517,276 thirty days ago, an increase of 16%. In terms of mortality, Brazil also leads with 196,018 deaths, followed by Colombia, Argentina, and Peru, with 43,965, 43,482, and 37,830 deaths, respectively. In the whole region, the number of deaths is at 364,862, compared to 332,085 thirty days ago, representing a 10% increase of COVID-19 related deaths.

In the last days of December, vaccination campaigns against COVID-19 began in Argentina and Chile. New variants of the virus causing COVID-19 (SARSCoV-2) were detected in Chile. The consequent effect of the new COVID-19 variant has also led to further restrictions on global mobility and migration with several new passenger bans and flight suspensions imposed to curtail infection. For instance, Argentina canceled flights from the United Kingdom. Regulations and measures are evolving rapidly, as evidenced by the recent shifts in response to the new COVID-19 variant. IOM missions in South America are working with governments and partners to ensure that migrants, whether in regular or irregular situations, as well as returnees and forcibly displaced persons, are included in all aspects of COVID-19 preparedness, response, and recovery efforts.