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Brazil: Situation Report – March 2021

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  • On 4 March, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosted a virtual event to launch the Brazilian chapter of the 2021 RMRP, which consists of a USD 98 million appeal submitted by 34 partner organizations to target 260,000 Venezuelans living in the country, with sectoral interventions in Shelter, Food Security, Education, WASH, Health, Nutrition, Protection and Integration. With remarks from the Humanitarian Logistics Task Force of the Brazilian Army, the Office of the Chief of Staff, the UN Resident Coordinator, Civil Society, US and EU Embassies, as well as R4V representatives, the event - attended by 196 participants - was also an opportunity to discuss Operation Welcome’s achievements to date and ongoing efforts to provide assistance, protection, and integration for Venezuelans in Brazil.

  • On 23 March, the Ministry of Justice and Public Security and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued Ordinance 19/2021, further easing documentation requirements for Venezuelan nationals who entered Brazil through regular pathways and are seeking legalstatus. Individuals will now be able to request a temporary residence permit by presenting, amongst others, expired identity documents from their country of origin, and sign a sworn statement declaring their familial ties if they lack a birth or marriage certificate. The new ordinance replaces Ordinance 9/2018, but it does not affect the validity and effectiveness of Ordinance 652/2021, which established temporary entry restrictions by land and sea for foreigners of all nationalities in Brazil.

  • On 21 March, a Federal Judge in Roraima issued a temporary injunction order that halted the deportation of refugees and migrants in Roraima and requested the authorities to ensure individuals have access to legal status under the migration or refugee laws. In response, R4V partners supported Operation Welcome to expedite the documentation process for 1,402 refugees and migrants in Pacaraima and Boa Vista. On 30 March, the Regional Federal Court reversed the ruling, citing sanitary concerns and reinstating the previous orders, which prevent Venezuelans who entered the country after border closures were enforced from seeking legalstatus. In this context, R4V partners will continue to support refugees and migrants authorized by Operation Welcome for exceptional shelter allocation and documentation based on vulnerability assessments.