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Brazil: Situation Report – June 2021



• On 22 June, Brazil took over the Pro Tempore Presidency from Peru and officially started Chapter VIII of the Quito Process.

• On 23 June, the Brazilian Government approved Ordinance 655, which introduces changes in the exceptional and temporary entry restrictions into Brazil for Venezuelans affected by the humanitarian crisis.
The entry of foreigners of any nationality into the country by land remains restricted (except at the border with Paraguay), however Ordinance 655 allows for: i) free transit between “twin cities” in Venezuela and Brazil; ii) entry to Brazil of Venezuelan nationals and legal residents of Venezuela and their subsequent regularization; iii) regularization of all Venezuelan nationals, who entered Brazil irregularly between March and June 2021.
Under the current framework, the access to the Brazilian territory through the official border point of Pacaraima is conditioned to mandatory sanitary controls, including COVID-19 testing and vaccination. However, since the Venezuelan side of the border remains closed, irregular entries continue to be predominant. R4V partners are supporting Operation Welcome in handling the influx of new arrivals and the idenfication and referral to assistance for the most vulnerable cases. Moreover, they are supporting the Federal Police with pre-documentation procedures for all the refugees and migrants who entered the country after the closure of the border in March 2020, who can finally seek legal status in Brazil under Ordinance 655.