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Brazil: Situation Report – July 2021



  • On 12 July, the Brazilian Government announced the distribution of USD 1.2 million in federal resources to 16 municipalities in 11 states spread across the country receiving refugees and migrants from Venezuela through the voluntary relocation programme. The allocated funding will be enhance the municipalities ́capacity to provide adequate social services and integration opportunities to the most vulnerable Venezuelans.

  • Since 25 June, date of the enactment of Ordinance 655 flexibilizing entry restrictions for refugees and migrants from Venezuela, the Federal Police in Pacaraima has issued 6,246 entry permits (as of 30 July). Since the Venezuelan side of the border remains completely closed, the great majority of persons who could access documentation either entered through irregular crossings or were already in Brazilian territory. R4V partners continue to work with the army in handling the influx of new arrivals and supporting the Federal Police with pre-documentation procedures to regularize the existing backlong.