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Brazil: Situation Report – August 2020

Situation Report
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  • In August, CONARE recognized an additional 7,787 refugees based on the implementation of the Cartagena declaration through a prima-facie procedure. Brazil has now recognized over 46,000 Venezuelans as refugees, and has extended the implementation of this modality for an additional twelve months.

  • Entry restrictions for foreign nationals have been extended until the end of September with the approval of Ordinance nº 419/2020 on August 26th, 2020. The measures remain the same as those in previous months, establishing exceptional and temporary entry restrictions by land or sea of foreigners regardless of nationality. The decree explicitly states that Venezuelans do not benefit from exceptions (family reunification and migratory visa status), unless authorized by the government on a case-by case basis. The failure to comply with the Ordinance will lead to deportation and disqualification of the asylum claim.

  • As border restrictions continue, dozens of foreigners (mostly Venezuelans) in conditions of vulnerability or seeking refugee status waited on the bridge that divides Brazil (Acre) and Peru (Iñapari) unable to enter either country. Two groups tried to enter Brazil by land, but only one was succesful and then forced to return by the Federal Police. However, the Federal Public Defender's Office (DPU) submitted two ordinary lawsuits arguing that the forced return violated fundamental rights, and that the situation of the groups waiting on the bridge violated the principle of integral protection of children and youths (present among the group). The Federal Court ruled in favor of DPU’s motion and ordered the suspension of the forced removal those individuals. The DPU then filled a public civil action to extend these rights to any person in vulnerability that entered Brazil with ongoing border restrictions, however, it was revoked by a Federal Court.

  • For the gradual resumption of activities at the Documentation and Interiorization Centre (PITRIG) in Manaus, a quota of 100 slots (50 for asylum-seekers and 50 temporary residents) per day has been issued. R4V partners have ensured that at least ten appointments per day are given to recognized refugees seeking permanent residency permits, following CONARE's prima facie decision. Also, some 1,000 persons received support with temporary residence applications this month.