Brazil - Response to Floods in Teresopolis - BRA121

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Appeal Target: US$ 53,515

Balance Requested: US$ 53,515

Geneva, 07 May 2012

Dear Colleagues,

On the first week of April, heavy rains hit the mountain region of the State of Rio de Janeiro. The highest rainfall was recorded in the city of Teresópolis and got to 220 mm in 4 hours. This triggered a series of flash floods. As a result the soils of the mountains became saturated and some mudslides have also taken place. Twenty slides barriers in several neighborhoods of the city, both in urban as in rural areas, victimized many people and caused property damage. The Civil Defense declared the situation as emergency.

Civil Defense teams have conducted technical survey in the localities affected, which were Perpetual,
Rosario Pimentel, Fonte Santa, Thursday Lebrão, Revolt Valley, Santa Cecilia and Vargem Grande.
National Civil Defense Secretariat, under the Ministry of Social Integration, sent 600 food baskets to help the affected population in Teresópolis. About 200 employees of the Municipality and the State Government and employees of the Department of Public Works and Services of the Municipality of Teresópolis and Comlurb (garbage collect company) provided cleaning work of the mudslides in urban areas. In rural areas the communities have organized themselves to clean the homes from mudslides and wash the cloths that could still be used.

Project Start/Completion Date: 1 May to 30 June 2012.