Brazil - Floods (Government of Brazil, IEPA, INMET, FloodList, media) (ECHO Daily Flash of 29 April 2022)

  • In recent days, heavy rainfall caused the overflow of several rivers, resulting in floods across Amapá State (northern Brazil).
  • According to the Government of Brazil, there are at least 220 displaced families in ten neighbourhoods and 17 communities of Laranjal do Jari Municipality. About 16,000 people in Laranjal do Jari, and other 2,500 individuals in Vitoria do Jari have been directly affected by flooding. Classes were suspended as flooding affected several education centres in Laranjal do Jari.
  • On 28 April, the water levels of Jari, Araguari, and Amapari Rivers were at emergency level 10 stations across Amapá .
  • Moderate to heavy rainfall is forecast over Amapá State on 29-30 April.