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Regional Ministers meet to review progress on disasters

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Following the meeting by Ministers of Botswana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and South Africa to discuss the recent flood disasters in those countries, on the 3rd of March 2000, a meeting took place today 23rd March 2000. The meeting, which took place at the Union Building, was aimed at assessing progress on the implementation of the resolutions of the previous meeting.

The meeting, chaired by the Minister For Provincial And Local Government, Minister Sydney Mufamadi, received progress reports from the affected countries on what has been done thus far to assist affected communities in those countries. All reports demonstrated hard work and commitment in bringing relief to affected communities.

The meeting received reports of all subcommittees established to carry out a number of tasks. The work that was done by the Health Sub-committee was noted as work in progress. The meeting noted the work done by the Defence Ministers of the four countries and urged that it is important that the Sub-committee on Defence meet urgently to review amongst other issues our state of readiness regarding rescue operations and relief distribution plans. This is crucial particularly in view of the fact that there are areas especially in Mozambique and South Africa, which have been afflicted by floods only recently.

The meeting also noted the work done thus far, by individual countries, in developing plans to reconstruct affected areas. Due to the need for a consolidated report in this area, the meeting urged the Sub-committee on Reconstruction to meet urgently to look at what each country is doing and to identify areas needing co-ordination.

The meeting also resolved to request the SADC Secretariat to convene, as a matter of urgency, a meeting of all Ministers responsible for disaster management in the region. It is this meeting that will discuss the process, which will lead to the establishment of a regional institutional mechanism for disaster preparedness and management. The work that is being carried out by the four countries will in the meantime continue until such a SADC meeting is convened.

The meeting noted with appreciation, contributions from all over the world that continue to pour in to the affected areas in the form of immediate needs.

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Issued by the Ministry for Provincial and Local Government, 23 March 2000