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Through prevention to flood risk reduction in Brod municipality

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Today, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), as part of the "Initiative for disaster risk reduction" and in cooperation with the Municipality of BrodBiH Ministry of Security, the BiH Armed Forces and EUFOR, began work on the rehabilitation and revitalization of the Main Channel no. 2 for surface water drainage in the municipality of Brod. The rehabilitation of 8,700 meters of this channel will contribute to the protection of residents of Kolibe Donje, Sijekovac and Kričanovo, and agricultural land from direct flooding.

Members of the Armed Forces will carry out the works, and UNDP will carry out expert technical supervision and manage the project. Municipality of Brod has secured funds in the amount of BAM 55,000.00 to be used for fuel and lubricants.

"In cooperation with our long-term partners we are introducing preventive measures against disasters in the municipality of Brod. In order to cope with disasters, we must focus our efforts on prevention and innovation through building new partnerships such as this. We hope that this example will inspire similar and new initiatives in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the implementation of preventive measures in order to protect citizens, property and the economy from disasters", said **Aida Hadžić-Hurem, UNDP Project Manager.**

Mayor of Brod, Ilija Jovičić, expressed gratitude to UNDP for providing understanding and support throughout the project of channel drainage as the municipality's priority. "_Upon completion of this work risk of flooding, which the municipality is exposed to because of neglected sewers, will largely be reduced,"_ **said Jovičić.** This channel is part of a system that protects the entire municipality of Brod from surface waters by collecting flood water and discharging it through the network of sewers at suitable locations into the Sava River.

Activities on the prevention of disasters are a continuation of the excellent cooperation between UNDP and the BiH Armed Forces which continuously provide support to citizens in the field of prevention and recovery from floods and other disasters which hit BiH in recent years. Since 2013, UNDP project "Initiative for disaster risk reduction" aims to support efforts to improve the framework for disaster risk management with a special focus on strengthening the resilience of local communities that are most directly affected by disasters and climate risks.