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Serbia & Bosnia and Herzegovina: ACT Alliance Appeal - Floods – SRB141

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Dear Colleagues,

Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina have been affected by a devastating cyclone, which has resulted in record flooding from heavy rains. Throughout the region dozens are confirmed dead, and many people are still missing. Over 60,000 people have been evacuated and tens of thousands of households have been completely destroyed or severely damaged and remain without electricity or potable water. Bridges and roads have been damaged which makes it difficult to carry out detailed assessments and to provide accurate figures.

ACT members responding to the disasters are: Philanthropy the Charitable Foundation of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Church World Service (CWS), International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC), and Hungarian InterChurch Aid (HIA). The response is done in coordination and collaboration among these members to ensure that resources are used in the most effective way and that the specific strength is used strategically.

Assessments done by ACT members, authorities, Red Cross and other partners have shown a wide range of needs and interventions ranging from personal hygiene supplies to major infrastructure repairs. What is required for the short term is: food, water, major infrastructure and utility repair, demining, and medications. ACT members will target families living in the semi-rural locations that are less likely to receive the most immediate attention from other service providers.

The projects described in this appeal include the distribution of food, home repairs, hygiene, water and livelihood support. CWS and IOCC are planning to complete the implementation of their appeal component by end of September while Philanthropy and HIA are planning to implement till the end of the year 2014.