Bosnia and Herzegovina

Qatar Charity Distributes Relief Items to Victims of Floods in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Qatar Charity has completed its first batch of aid relief distribution to flood victims in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Catastrophic flooding, landslides, destroyed homes and displaced populations throughout the Balkans have been the consequences of more than two weeks of continuous rains. Dozens of people have been killed, tens of thousands displaced, thousands left homeless, crops washed away and infrastructure such as roads and bridges destroyed. This flooding is the worst since records began 120 years ago according to meteorologists.

Qatar Charity provided food parcels (which included flour, sugar, oil, pasta, rice, water and milk) in addition to hygiene kits, clothing, blankets and cleaning materials to 2,500 people throughout the municipal areas of Doboj, Maglaj, Olovo and Šamac.

So far, locally based staff and volunteers from Qatar Charity led the response efforts while follow-up recovery activities will have the additional support from the disaster preparedness and response department in Doha.

Qatar Charity has been working in Bosnia and Herzegovina for more than twenty years having formally established its presence there in 1994.