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Proceeds from Angelina Jolie's In the Land of Blood and Honey Soundtrack to Benefit SOS Children's Villages in Bosnia

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"In the Land of Blood and Honey" soundtrack to support children at risk

23/12/2011 - Angelina Jolie, Graham King Films and Varese Sarabande Records today announced that a portion of the proceeds from the "In the Land of Blood and Honey" soundtrack will be donated to SOS Children's Villages in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The donation is given in support of the critically needed programs that SOS Children's Villages provides in Bosnia and Herzegovina to children, youth and families still suffering from lingering effects of the 1990s war in the Balkans. In her directorial debut, Ms. Jolie worked with actors from the region whose personal experiences during the war helped inform and shape the film.

Children from the SOS Children's Village in Sarajevo - Photo: Katerina Ilievska Ms. Jolie stated, "We are happy that a portion of the proceeds from the film’s soundtrack will support SOS Children’s Villages in Bosnia and Herzegovina to provide stable, family-based homes to children, regardless of religion, ethnicity or gender, who do not have their own families to care for them."

SOS Children’s Villages National Director in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr. Amir Omanovic, is grateful for this generous support. He explained, "The war in Bosnia and Herzegovina was indeed a horrific event. Every family in Bosnia was affected by the war. Children suffered the most. Many were lost...left without parents and with no system to hold on to. SOS Children's Villages responded by providing family-based care to children who had lost their biological families. Those children are adults now and their SOS Mothers, brothers and sisters have become family through the years of their upbringing. We are thankful that this donation will help us continue to provide healing programs to the next generation of children in Bosnia and Herzegovina.'"

Proceeds from the soundtrack will be used to help fund SOS Children’s Villages programs in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In SOS Children’s Villages around the world, children who have no family to care for them are raised in a loving, nurturing family with SOS brothers and sisters headed by an SOS Mother. In Bosnia, 280 children and youth are growing up in SOS Children’s Villages homes in Sarajevo and Gracanica. Nearly 7,000 more benefit from additional SOS programs in Bosnia including family strengthening, child care, education, vocational training and social services.

The soundtrack from In the Land of Blood and Honey was produced by Angelina Jolie, Robert Townson and Academy Award-winning composer Gabriel Yared. The soundtrack echoes themes from the film and includes a selection of songs from the Balkans. Two featured songs are Miss Sarajevo and When The Heart Dies. First released by U2 in 1995, Miss Sarajevo is performed by Luciano Pavarotti and Passengers. When The Heart Dies, by award winning composer Gabriel Yared is performed by acclaimed singer and actress Natasa Mirkovic-De Ro and also features Rade Šerbedžija, Dado Dzihan and BOMBAJ STAMPA. The soundtrack is currently available through iTunes and the CD will be released on January 10, 2012.