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Landslide Risk Management in BiH: Remedied landslide in Dreskovača

On Friday, November 27th 2015, we marked the completion of rehabilitation of the landslide in the municipality of Vogošća in village Dreskovača, which includes 57 households. Last year's heavy rains caused landslides and resulted in danger of landslides for Dreskovača, and the lack of adequate sewage system significantly increased the risk of landslides.

Works to repair the landslide in the village Dreskovača were done within the framework of the project Landslide Risk Management in Bosnia and Herzegovina, implemented by UNDP, with financial support from the Japanese Government. Rehabilitation of the landslide was carried out in close cooperation with the municipality Vogošća, which co-financed the rehabilitation in the amount of 190,000 BAM, while the Government of Japan contributed about 477,000 BAM.

The Ambassador of Japan in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr. Kazuya Ogawa stated: "Rehabilitation of the landslide in Vogošća was just one component of this UNDP project. The government of Japan donated US $ 2.94 million to UNDP for the entire project, and the project supports the rehabilitation of 9 landslides in local communities covered by last year's floods (Doboj, Goražde, Maglaj, Srebrenik, Tuzla, Zenica, Zvornik, Žepče and Vogošća). This will ensure rehabilitation of landslides, reduce threats to human safety, and ensure development of investments. I expect that this project will contribute to the efforts for recovery and further development of Vogošća".

On this occasion, Ms. Sezin Sinanoglu, the Resident Coordinator of the United Nations and the Resident Representative of the UN Development Program – UNDP, stated: "Today, we are proud of the fact that rehabilitation works on landslide Dreskovača in the municipality of Vogošća, performed in cooperation with the municipality Vogošća, which co-financed these works together with the Government of Japan, have been successfully completed. This project is the cornerstone of the great efforts of the UNDP aimed at BiH's progress and sustainable development through the reduction of risks, prevention and adequate landslide risk management".

Landslides have been identified as one of the main dangers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and they have been exacerbated by illegal construction, lack of spatial planning documents based on geological analysis, and significant non-systematic deforestation.

Marking of the completion of the works was also attended by Mr. Edin Smajić, the Municipal Mayor of Vogošća, who stated the following on this occasion: "Last year's floods and landslides in Vogošća caused significant material damage, which local community was unable to repair by itself. On behalf of the municipality of Vogošća, on behalf of the citizens of Vogošća and my personal behalf, I want to thank you for helping to finance the implementation of rehabilitation of the landslide Dreskovača".