Landmine survivors in six countries assisted

from Church World Service
Published on 14 Apr 2003
Long after peace is declared and armies go home, landmines remain buried - more than 80 million worldwide - waiting to be detonated.
Every 22 minutes, an unsuspecting man, woman, or child is injured or killed from stepping on a mine. Eighty percent of landmine victims are civilians and, tragically, more than one third are children.

CWS is working to assist landmine-affected families in Ethiopia, Eritrea, Bosnia, El Salvador, Jordan, and Mozambique in partnership with the Landmine Survivors Network.

Landmine Survivors Network is helping to provide opportunities for landmine survivors to heal, recover, and reclaim their lives through a program of survivor-to-survivor support, income-generating projects, educational materials on limb loss, and direct material assistance. CWS has recently provided $50,000 in support for this vital work.