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Joint Statement by International Organisations – Coordinating Flood Assistance

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International organisations and embassies extend their deepest sympathies to all those who have lost their loved ones and to the communities that have suffered unprecedented damage. Images and testimonies from the areas affected indicate the scale of the natural disaster, as well as the exceptional bravery and selflessness of all citizens and of the services that are making superhuman efforts to fight the floods and their devastating consequences. We are all humbled by the volunteer spirit of all the peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina in helping each other in this time of need.

The situation in the flood-hit areas calls for the most effective mobilisation of resources and for action to be taken without delay. At the co-ordination meeting held on 19 May at the UN House, international organisations and embassies confirmed their dedication to work in close cooperation and to coordinate with governments at all levels and relevant departments across the country.

To date millions of US dollars has been pledged by many organization and governments to assist the most affected communities. Although the water is beginning to recede, the situation in the field remains critical and complex. We expect that in the next few days focus will be placed on removing health hazards, providing drinking water and sanitation, cleaning up the debris and conducting needs assessments. Recovery and restoring livelihoods will be the next step and will be a challenging task for all of us in BIH.

International organisations, governments, NGOs and the UN agencies remain dedicated to helping the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina in this time of need.