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Inter-Agency Operational Update: Bosnia and Herzegovina (01-31 August 2019)

Situation Report
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Priorities and key gaps


■ Continue to advocate for the relocation of migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees from the Vučjak location to appropriate reception centres.

■ There is an urgent need for relevant authorities to identify additional sites for accommodation solutions, including including for single males and protection-sensitive accommodation for vulnerable groups, in particular UASC, LGBTI, survivors and those at risk of GBV.

■ Contingency plan and prepare to collectively and rapidly deploy staff and resources once new accommodation sites are identified.

■ Advocate for streamlined and accelerated referral mechanisms to both the Delijaš Asylum Centre (AC) and the Salakovac Refugee Reception Centre (RRC) with the Ministry of Security (MoS).

■ Advocate for the Salakovac RCC to not only admit asylum seekers but also those with valid attestations.

■ Resolve electricity supply issues at Bira TRC.

International protection, documentation, and free legal aid

■ Advocate for effective identification and referral of asylum-seekers by the Croatian border authorities, in-line with international standards on refugee law ■ Advocate for improved migration management respecting all international and national human rights standards.

■ Enable the reporting and filing of complaints by refugees and migrants who suffer pushbacks and mistreatment.

■ Improve access to fair and efficient asylum procedures through a range of advocacy measures.

■ Facilitate access to legal pathways and durable solutions for refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants.

■ Increase the availability of and access to information on assistance and the asylum procedure in languages used by migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees.

Protection environment and protection services inside TRCs

■ Establish pre-registration area with designated zone for vulnerable categories in all Temporary Reception Centres (TRC).

■ Increase the number of cultural mediators/interpreters/translators to support actors in their work and facilitate migrant, asylum seeker, and refugee access to information and services; include more women mediators/interpreters.

■ Scale-up and ensure the provision of psychosocial support at all locations for all groups.

■ Seek and implement solutions to limit the unauthorized entrance of unregistered people into the TRCs.

Protection environment outside TRCs and protection outreach

■ Continue to advocate for the restoration of freedom of movement of migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees both within and to Una-Sana Canton (USC).