Bosnia and Herzegovina

EU to provide 49.4 million euros for reforms in Bosnia

Sarajevo (dpa) - Bosnia-Herzegovina Prime Minister Adnan Terzic and the head of the European Union Commission delegation in Bosnia, Michael Humphreys, signed Monday a document for the E.U. to help finance reforms and enhance Sarajevo's integration in Europe.

Under its CARDS programme, developed in 1991 to help development of the western Balkans' countries, the E.U. is to provide 49.4 million euros (59.6 million dollars) to Bosnia-Herzegovina this year.

The money is aimed to help strengthen the country's institutions, economic and social development and democratic stabilization.

The biggest part of the E.U. money - 31.4 million euros - is to be spent for reforms of state institutions and civil services, including creation of Bosnia's fiscal framework, judicial reform, and support to the indirect taxation system.

The remaining 18 million euros would be used for further development of economic and social sectors as well as for democratic stabilization programmes that include support to refugees and independent media in the country.

The E.U. CARDS programme is expected to help Bosnia achieve more quickly the standards necessary to enable the country to enter into talks with the E.U. on a Stabilization and Accession Agreement.

Through its CARDS (Community Assistance for Reconstruction, Development and Stabilization) programme the E.U. has provided more than 375 million euros in assistance to the countries of the western Balkans since 1991, making Brussels the biggest donor in the region. dpa zl ds


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