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CIDA: Phase II of the Civilian Deployment Program (Balkans and Central Asia & the South Caucasus)

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Planned Project Summary Information
Project number: Z-020124
Branch: Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)

Country: A) Balkans: regional; B) Central Asia & the Caucasus: Tajikistan and Georgia

CIDA's ODA Priorities: 1) Balkans: Protection of human rights (30%); democratic institutions and practices (40%); public sector competence (30%); 2) Central Asia & the South Caucasus: human rights, democracy and good governance (40%), capacity development in environment management (30%); democratic institutions and practices (30%).

CIDA's Sectors: 1) Balkans: Legal and judicial development (40%); post conflict peacebuilding (30%); human rights (30%); 2) Central Asia & the South Caucasus: strengthening civil society (40%); agricultural policy and administrative management (30%); human rights (30%).

Anticipated Project Approval Date: September 2003

Anticipated Project Duration: April 1, 2004 - March 31, 2007

Estimated Project Value Range: $5.0M - $7.0M for this proposed Phase with the possibility of subsequent Phases.

Project Implementation: This initiative is a regional program-approach to deploy Canadian experts to key priority sectors in the Balkans and Central Asia & the South Caucasus. This Program may be expanded and include other geographical regions in the Central and Eastern Europe region. The estimated level of effort for the Canadian Executing Agency (CEA) - managed component is about one and a half person years. The CEA is to be selected on a competitive basis. The types of services provided shall include all aspects of recruiting, contracting and deploying Canadian experts to the Balkans and Central Asia & the South Caucasus. About 85% of the estimated project value will be flow-through (expenses directly incurred for expert salaries, insurance, travel costs ect.) Only the remaining 15% of costs will be allocated for services provided by the CEA.

Probable Publication Date on MERX: October 2003

Project Description: Phase II of the Civilian Deployment Program will continue to provide a rapid and flexible mechanism to deploy Canadian experts for periods of six months (with the possibility of extension) to various multilateral agencies (eg: the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), United Nations missions, the Office of the High Representative (OHR) in Bosnia and Herzegovina), government ministries and local organizations throughout the Balkans (with a concentration on Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia and Montenegro (including Kosovo) as well as Central Asia & the South Caucasus (Georgia and Tajikistan). The Program will continue to adapt and evolve to rapidly changing conditions in the region and will contribute to CIDA's long term objective: developing transparent and accountable institutions by building capacity in key priority sectors. In the Balkans, experts will be deployed in priority sectors including: rule of law, health, education and energy. In Central Asia & the South Caucasus, experts will be deployed in sectors such as governance, security, minority rights and natural resource management.

Project Impact: Contribute to the adequate and effective establishment of transparent and accountable institutions (targeted sectors in the Balkans include security, energy, health and education; targeted sectors in Central Asia and the South Caucasus include natural resource management (water and agriculture), governance, minority rights and security (human and regional security).

Project Outcomes: 1) Specific areas of the security sector are reinforced (eg: rule of law in the Balkans such as legal assistance, legal reform, court management, judicial training; human and regional security in Central Asia and the South Caucasus); 2) Institutional and technical capacity of the public sector and civil society organizations to design and deliver key services is improved for the general population in target countries (eg: health and education in the Balkans; security, governance, water and agriculture in Tajikistan and Georgia.); 3) More efficient and effective management of key sectors (eg: rule of law, health, education and energy sectors in the Balkans; security, water, and agriculture sectors in Tajikistan; security, governance, and minority rights sectors in Georgia.)

Project Outputs: 1) The Program is effectively managed and results communicated to Canadians via a flexible deployment mechanism that enables CIDA to respond to the immediate requests of government ministries, local organizations and multilateral organizations (eg: OSCE, OHR, UNMIK); 2) Enhanced management capacity and technical expertise of specific government ministries, local and multilateral organizations to identify and address the needs of their target groups (eg: by developing and implementing policies/strategies, mediating conflict to foster ethnic reconciliation, enhancing policy dialogue).

Development Officer: Julie MacCormack (819) 953-0491

Internet Publication Date: September 12 , 2003

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