Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina – Progress of Winterisation Activities (DG ECHO, UNHCR) (ECHO Daily Flash of 9 November 2018)

  • To date, over 20 496 detected refugees, asylum seekers and migrants have arrived in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) since the beginning of the year. Due to mobility and high turnover, it is estimated that the 6 000 people that are still in-country, are in need of humanitarian assistance.

  • The humanitarian situation in the Una Sana Canton remains dire, many refugees and migrants are forced to live in sub-standard conditions. The winterisation of existing reception facilities is ongoing and two new reception facilities have been completed and non-food items and vouchers for hostels are provided for the most vulnerable.

  • Tensions between these individuals and local communities are growing. DG ECHO continues to deliver assistance to refugees and migrants in the sectors of health and protection. The other sectors, notably, shelter, water, health and sanitation, food, non-food items and education have been taken over by DG NEAR under Special Measures.