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Bosnia and Herzegovina: Population Movement Emergency Appeal n° MDRBA011, Operations Update n° 8

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Summary of major developments:

This operation update reports on the implementation of activities for 01 March until 30 June 2021 against the plan of action of the population movement Emergency Appeal in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The RCSBiH continued to be one of the key stakeholders to support population on the move and host communities, especially since the beginning of population movement response and announcement of the COVID-19 global pandemic. While government restrictions on movement due to the pandemic were firmly observed, RCSBiH continued to provide services, in close cooperation with the movement partners and external stakeholder in the country. In order to respond to the increasing needs of refugees and migrants on the move, during the reporting period the RCSBiH increased the number of active Mobile Teams funded by the EA funds to 6 teams) . Also, five First Aid Mobile Teams were formed in the camps to provide basic first aid services for those in need. In addition to these activities, the preparations have been ongoing for the cash and voucher assistance for the vulnerable families to cover their basic needs.

The BiH Ministry of Security (MoS) has been gradually taking over the coordination role and responsibility for managing the migration crisis, the organizations and agencies that work with population movement crisis within Bosnia and Herzegovina will have to be pre-approved and coordinated through new systems that are being developed by the MoS. It is foreseen that the RCSBiH will support the Government in coordination efforts according to its auxiliary role and continue to provide assistance to the migrants on move through the mobile teams covering the following activities: Provision of First Aid, Psycho-social support, Food, basic household items (including hygiene kits) and personal protective equipment (PPE), Restoring Family Links and Mine Awareness, considering the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic situation, some of the activities such as face to face trainings for volunteers, workshops and community-based surveys and activities could not be carried out as planned initially and were rescheduled or redesigned.