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Bosnia and Herzegovina inter-agency response to the mixed movement: Monthly situation report, May 2020

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So far in 2020, BiH authorities recorded 5,047 new arrivals to BiH. Compared to the same period in 2019 (8,804), this represents a 43 per cent decrease. In May alone, BiH authorities recorded 512 arrivals which, compared to May 2019 (2,603), represents an 80 per cent decrease, mostly caused by COVID-19 measures impacting movement in the region and in BiH, as well as limited identification and registration capacities on the ground. In 2020, the most common declared Country of Origin (CoO) of newly arriving people were Pakistan (27%), Afghanistan (24%), Morocco (17%), Iraq (6%) and Algeria (5%). Since the beginning of the mixed movement situation in BiH in January 2018, the most common declared CoO is Pakistan (33%), Afghanistan (14%) and Syrian Arab Republic (9%).

Presence in BiH at the End of the Month

By the end of the month, 1,349 migrants and asylum-seekers on average were identified by DRC Protection Outreach Teams sleeping in informal accommodation in BiH. This is a significant increase comparing to the previous month, due to increase of new arrivals in BiH and limited accommodation. So far, DRC Outreach Teams mapped 176 such locations throughout BiH – 78 in USC, 55 in SC and 43 in TC. Most of the migrants and asylumseekers were observed in USC: 961 migrants and asylum-seekers (on average) sleeping in informal accommodation in USC; 230 migrants and asylum-seekers identified sleeping in informal accommodation in Sarajevo; and 158 migrants and asylum-seekers identified sleeping in informal accommodation in Tuzla.