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Bosnia and Herzegovina inter-agency response to the mixed movement: Monthly situation report, January 2020

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In January 2020, the Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) authorities, recorded the arrival of 882 migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers to the country (of whom 86% expressed the intention to seek asylum). This adds into an overall arrival figure since January 2018 of 52,153 people. The majority continue to arrive overland in an irregular manner (i.e. not at official border crossings) at several entry points. Migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers in transit through those locations as well as in other parts of BiH continue to need humanitarian support. The top declared countries of origin of those arriving in BiH with the top five in January being Morocco (27%), Iraq (15%), Afghanistan (11%), Egypt (11%) and Pakistan (10%).

Presence in BiH at the end of the month

It is estimated that, by the end of January, about 7,200 migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers remain in BiH in need of a range of humanitarian and other assistance at various locations, especially in Sarajevo and Una-Sana Canton. The latter location continues to be linked to attempts to enter Croatia and the European Union. 4,998 persons were accommodated in government managed (3%), IOM managed (92%) and NGO managed/private formal accommodation sites (5%) while, an estimated 2,200 were observed by Outreach teams or reported on by local government squatting or being on the move in the country at the end of the month. Most frequently declared countries of origin among accommodated and assisted are shown below.

Throughout January

The new temporary accommodation centre in Blažuj gradually expanded its capacities, as well as TRC Ušivak. In TRC Bira in Bihać, a reduction of 20% was noted in comparison to the previous month with 1,783 persons being accommodated at the end of January.