Bosnia and Herzegovina Floods: Humanitarian Situation Report - 12 June 2014

from UN Children's Fund
Published on 12 Jun 2014


  • Bosnia and Herzegovina is facing its most challenging flood recovery due to the heaviest rains seen in the region for more than a century.

  • Based on the available assessments, 74 municipalities have been affected by the floods (42 in FBiH, 31 in RS, and BD). Amongst these, 9 have been ‘severely affected’ (Samac, Odzak, Orasje, Brcko, Bijeljina, Doboj, Maglaj, Zepce, Domaljevac-Samac), where more than 50% of the affected population and children lives. In these 74 municipalities, more than 320,000 people have been affected including:

• 60,000 children aged 0-18

• 16,000 children aged 0-5.

  • According to information from Roma NGOs, more than 800 Roma families have been affected by floods. They were identified as one of the most vulnerable groups even before the floods. UNICEF team visited: Samac, Odzak, Brcko, Bjeljina, Doboj, Maglaj, Domaljevac-Samac, Olovo, Tuzla, Sapna, Prijedor, Gradiska, Zivinice and Vogosca.

  • According to the latest IOM information, 1,560 persons are placed in 39 collective centres (963 in FBiH in 22 centers and 532 in RS in 14 centers) including 276 children (56 aged 0-4 and 220 aged 5-17) but this number is decreasing every day..

  • Preliminary UN estimation shows that it will cost about USD 210 million to cover immediate priority needs for the next six months in BiH, alone, after devastating floods hit the region.