Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Floods Emergency appeal revision n° MDRBA009



This revised Emergency Appeal seeks a total of some CHF 3.9m (decreased from CHF 4.5m) to enable the IFRC to support the Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina (RCSBiH) to deliver assistance and support to a total of some 57,500 people (40,000 from the emergency phase, and 17,505 in the revised appeal), with a focus on the ongoing emergency and winter preparedness activities in the form of shelter (unconditional cash grant), livelihoods, psychosocial support, water sanitation and hygiene promotion support. The revised plan reflects a decreased number of beneficiaries, an extended timeframe, and a shift in the planned activities. The planned response reflects the current situation and information available at this point of the evolving operation, and will be adjusted based on further developments and more detailed assessments.

Details are available in the Emergency Plan of Action (EPoA) <click here>

The disaster and the response to date

13 May 2014: heavy rains cause large-scale flooding with landslides: state of emergency declared
15 May 2014: with over 1 million people affected, request for international assistance
17 May 2014: CHF 334,013 DREF allocated, and a Field Assessment and Coordination Team (FACT) deployed 23 May 2014: Emergency Appeal launched for CHF 4.5m

May through September: operational implementation (reported on in two Operations Updates): WatSan:

  • A total of 8,740 hygiene kits, 2,500 disinfectants, 2,500 water canisters, 5,496 pairs of rubber boots and 40 water pumps distributed through this appeal.

  • Water testing: 225 water samples have been taken and tested. Coordination with well disinfection team and hygiene promotion volunteers team established.

  • Well cleaning/disinfection: 35 wells have been treated.

  • In total 30,000 water purification tablets have been distributed in Brcko district, 800 persons have been reached in Brcko district, two hygiene promotion trainings have been conducted.


  • A total of 3,300 blankets 3,300 mattresses, 40 water pumps and 40 dehumidifiers and 1,000 cleaning tools packages have been distributed.

  • Cash transfer programme (CTP): phase 1, 100% of beneficiaries received cash transfers. Monitoring data showed that 80% of beneficiaries in CTP phase 1 used cash grants to repair homes.

October 2014: Emergency Appeal revised to CHF 3.9m for 57,500 people (17,500 additional in this revised appeal).