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Bosnia and Herzegovina: Floods Emergency appeal n° MDRBA009 Operations update n° 4

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Following the changing humanitarian landscape in the country and the needs of the beneficiaries after the floods, a revised Emergency Appeal was launched in October 2014. The appeal sought CHF 3.9 million to enable the IFRC Secretariat to support the Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina (RCSBiH) to deliver assistance and support to some 57,500 people until April 2015. The revised appeal consisted of programme components which aimed to assist with the normalization of people’s lives in the flood-affected areas and communities.

During the reporting period, the activities of the Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina (RCSBiH) focused on emergency rehabilitation of at least one room per family dwelling for the most vulnerable and marginalized people through a cash transfer programme. To date, 2,020 family dwellings have been supported through the cash transfer programme. Furthermore, the RCSBiH began planning for the disaster preparedness programme component. Investing in disaster preparedness before a disaster occurs will reduce the need for humanitarian action in future.

The scope of the latest disaster required the mobilization of all National Society resources and the use of all available stocks of emergency supplies. The staff and volunteers were working around the clock to respond to the floods emergency. The RCSBiH`s response operation was supported by 4,842 volunteers and 200 staff at 154 branches. Some of the main forms of support included first aid assistance and the distribution of food and non-food items. The RCSBiH collected and distributed relief supplies domestically in the value of approximately CHF 2.1 million. Moreover, the RCSBiH focused on the provision of psychosocial support, water & sanitation and hygiene promotion. As part of its water and sanitation activities, the National Society carried out the distribution of water purification tablets during its well cleaning, water testing and hygiene promotion campaigns. The Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina is also providing psychosocial support through support groups, youth centres, visits to schools, households and communities.