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Bosnia and Herzegovina Fact-Sheet – December 2020

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529 migrants and asylum-seekers arrived irregularly in BiH in December, including 10 unaccompanied or separated children (UASC), according to authorities. The total number of arrivals in 2020 is 16,150, while 69,413 arrivals have been recorded since the start of the mixed movement in January 2018.

470 persons (89%) arriving in December expressed an intention to seek asylum with the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs (SFA). In 2020, 15,139 (94%) persons were issued an attestation on their intention to seek asylum (AISA), although only 244 asylum claims were registered.

11 asylum claims were registered in December, representing 11 cases (3 UASC and 8 single men), of which 9 were conducted in UNHCR’s Information Centre in Sarajevo.

9 Refugee Status Determination (RSD) interviews were conducted in December. 7 in UNHCR’s Information Centre in Sarajevo and 2 in government-run facilities.

7 first-instance decisions* were issued in December, of which all were negative. Of the decisions issued, 1 was for a claim registered in 2020 and the remainder were from 2019.

4 recognized refugees naturalized in December. 10 former refugees were naturalized as BiH citizens in 2020, all from the former-Yugoslavia.

6,051 asylum-seekers and migrants were accommodated in reception facilities at the end of December, while 1,900-2,700 persons are estimated to be squatting outside of formal accommodation, mainly in Una-Sana Canton including 900 at the Lipa site.

34 UASC from Una-Sana Canton were transferred to child-friendly accommodation at the youth centre MFS-EMMAUS in Doboj East with UNHCR support in December.